✶ Web Development & Ecommerce Expert
✶ Project Management Leader
✶ Multimedia Creative Designer

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Notable Projects:


Bloomscape homepage

Key Points:

  • A high traffic, high volume ecommerce site
  • Website Audit & Remediation
  • Hosting Migration
  • Retainer Work
    • Large To Do List of Tasks
    • Fixing the Slow Checkout and Streamlining the Broken Order Splitting Process
    • Planning & Creation of enhanced Product Category, List, and Detail pages.



A WordPress/WooCommerce website that managed a high order volume. They were in a state of transition, leaving their current developer. This began as a site audit and then a hosting migration. After the hosting migration, we began a maintenance retainer and handled a large to do list of items.

What was my role?

I was the project manager for the duration of the project. As a developer, I completed the site audit and much of the subsequent remediation work during the initial stage of the engagement. From the site audit I was able to create documentation that described their tech stack. I also assisted in planning the site migration. During the retainer phase, I aided in clearly documenting and planning for exactly how we would build the new functionality that the client wanted for enhanced Product Category, Product Listing, and Product Detail pages.

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