✶ Web Development & Ecommerce Expert
✶ Project Management Leader
✶ Multimedia Creative Designer

Jason Harle's Face

Notable Projects:

Primetime Baseball

Primetime Players homepage

Key Points:

  • A high traffic, high volume ecommerce site
  • Website Audit & Remediation
  • Hosting Migration
  • Retainer Work
    • Large To Do List of Tasks
    • Fixing the Slow Checkout and Streamlining the Broken Order Splitting Process
    • Planning & Creation of enhanced Product Category, List, and Detail pages.



A new startup company that runs and manages baseball scouting showcases and tournaments for young up and coming high school players. The entire system was planning and built to specs which were decided during the initial strategy and planning portion of the project. The most interesting part of this site is that each player receives their own detail page which they can show off to potential college scouts.

My Role:

I was a technical project manager who assisted in the planning and execution of the website. I assisted in creating the spec documentation which clearly defined all the major components of the website, their function, how it was to be executed/constructed, along with associated task breakdowns, and hour estimates for each task. There were a lot of moving pieces to this project, but it was extremely rewarding to see it all come together.

A view of the Players Profile Page

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