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Notable Projects:

Suitestyles by Medline

Suitestyles Homepage

Key Points:

  • A multisite ecommerce platform with over 700 unique ecommerce shops.
  • A complicated data migration from the previous site version.
  • Custom embroidery and designed garments.



A multi-tenant ecommerce platform that is capable of spawning and hosting thousands of unique ecommerce shops for hospitals. Over 700 unique ecommerce shops are running on this platform. Medline sells a uniform program to hospitals and medical centers, each hospital gets their own unique site with products geared specifically towards that hospital. Hospital employees receive a user account and a monthly allotment of garments which they can order for free. When their allotment is used, users may opt to purchase with credit card. Garment embroidery and customization options are also available!

My Role:

I was the project manager for the duration of the project. This project was extremely challenging in scope and functionality. This was also a redesign of an existing site, so data migrations became a very large part of building the new site. The data was in terrible shape on the old site, so there was a lot of time spent perfecting and finessing the data to migrate correctly to the new site. At time of launch we had successfully spawned over 600 unique ecommerce sub-sites within this multisite platform, all of which had their own sets of users, with monthly allotments, and unique garments per site.

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