✶ Web Development & Ecommerce Expert
✶ Project Management Leader
✶ Multimedia Creative Designer

Jason Harle's Face

Notable Projects:

Bloomnet by 1-800-Flowers

Key Points:

  • A large multisite hosting over 4,000 unique ecommerce shops with 1-800-Flowers product lines.
  • A very aggressive timeline, with a two phased project approach. MVP was launched initially within 6 months, while phase 2 was added as gradual enhancements over the next 12 months.


A custom web platform that is capable of spawning and hosting thousands of unique ecommerce shops. Currently it is hosting over 4,000 unique ecommerce flower shops. 1-800-Flowers provides every florist within their network with a website which is a fully customizable ecommerce store.

My Role:

I was the project manager for the duration of the project. This was one of the most challenging projects of my career due to the demanding nature of the work at hand combined with a short timeline. I assisted greatly with the planning and execution of this project, working very closely with the client and the developers day and night, as we routinely deployed code after midnight. I added value by fully handling the graphics and development for for the UI of their florist facing website admin, which the florists use to modify and manage their ecommerce sites within the platform.

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